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Lush^3-e USB Audio Cable
Lush^3-e USB Audio Cable
Lush^3-e USB Audio Cable

Lush^3-e USB Audio Cable

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The configurable USB cable now even more configurable ...
So Yes, now with four configurable shields (opposed to the Lush^2 which has three configurable shields).
1023 configurations will be at your service to explore.

The Lush^3-e(conomy) deserves its green mark by being so generously effortless that it can't be other than a "green" product. See further under "Sound".

The package will contain excessive outlay on how the connections / configurations can be made.


We managed to let rise the price only 10 euros above that of the Lush^2. And that for a whole layer of screen + isolation extra. Not to forget the extra (green) wire at both ends.


Again the Original Lush is in there, which gives the Lush^3 the characteristic renowned and unique analog base sound (see further under Sound, below);
The Key Change compared to the Lush^2 is the chosen materials for shielding and isolation between the shields. This was a. necessary because the materials used for the Lush^2 are not 100% isolating for three layers (think "sparkles" jumping from one shield to the other) with additionally the effect of too much fragility at bending the cable (see more about that below) and b. this was actually on purpose so we could create an even better sounding USB cable than the Lush and Lush^2.

On the above it is to be noted that with the now chosen build-up, the impedance will change somewhat compared to mainly the Lush^2, also knowing that impedance response is related to frequency as such. However, notice that the frequency we talk about here are not audio frequencies but that this is merely "capacity" related because USB is a digital protocol (with varying 1/0 values depending on the volume level of the signal). Thus, without lifting too many secrets on the means of creating the analog sound, we again thought over the topology and how we could influence the sound for the better again.
Let's remember that (on purpose) none of the Lush cables is USB2 compliant. But of course they work very well for audio, or else we should not make them.
Might you be looking for a "best" USB2 compliant audio cable, then the Clairixa is your friend.

How it bends

Following the above, the bending characteristics of the Lush^3 are now superb;

Do notice that this is a 40cm version and it can sharply bend like you see it here, and now in all directions (but always be gentle and slow with the bending). 


Time to fasten your seat belts ... 

At the first sounds, no matter what configuration, the very first enormously surprising show-off will be the fluidity of the sound and that backed up with a firmness of the bass which will let you think that you just installed a complete new system. In the beginning of this page we called it "effortlessness" because that is really how the sound comes across - as if less Watts are required to put forward the same sound level; as if suddenly your speakers have become more efficient.

While on a first day this might be your observation as a kind of gimmick, still without good musical properties, after a full day of burn-in your jaw may be on the floor, now because of the music you receive. That additional lower octave. Those beautiful forward voices - that sheer presence. The quietness. And that combined with so much more detail that you will be shocked at listening to your so well known tracks. Complete new melodies emerge.
Eh, what ?

The third day you may notice that all from all angles could be overdone somewhat; That it is time to find the right configuration.
And this is exactly what has to be done for all of us at the moment of this writing - finding that "config with consensus" as how we so beautifully named it for the Lush^2.

Lead time

Depends a bit on the orders (first come first serve !) with the notice that we don't have any stock yet, so it's a bit a make to order exercise as of now.
We are maintaining the actual lead time to shipment for new cables : 3-4 business days.