No vacations due.

Phasure Audio

Phasure Audio is your state of the art audio machine. This audio machine produces the whole chain of audio in first class products all over the globe judges as the very best against any price.

  • Audio Playback Software
  • Audio PC
  • D/A Converter
  • Amplifiers
  • Active Loudspeakers
  • Cabling to connect the lot

So yes, we are known to produce all ourselves. This goes from the smallest SMD component (but 0402 is small enough for us) - all hand soldered. No ovens, just irons. Because of this we are ultimately flexible in designs. We can try all, change all. Design it all in without behind hindered by production facilities.

We love what we do and we do it for you. Yes, what nonsense. But it is true. Almost. The truth is that what we make, we make for ourselves. Did it work out ? then we share it with you. It enforces robustness of what ever was a hobby. No wait, it still is.

It still is !

Peter & Gang