August 9, 2017 : PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING : Due to vacations your order will be registered but dealt with only from of September 2017. During this period of time, no correspondence or other means of communication about your order will be possible - we will be in a country without Internet and data (email) means. If you want to cancel your order because the waiting takes too long (mail to sales phasure com), do not worry and your cancellation will be dealt with in the first week of September just the same. Orders placed prior to August 9 will ship August 11 latest.

Phasure for the most accurate music reproduction


Due to the impossibility to explicitly show PayPal costs, the prices you see in this shop are higher than advertised elsewhere, to cover for these 4% costs when PayPal is used.

When the option "Wire Transfer" is chosen, you can deduct 4% of the price to pay.

For countries in the EU where people are liable to VAT, 21% VAT will be added.


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