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Lush^2 USB Audio Cable
Lush^2 USB Audio Cable
Lush^2 USB Audio Cable
Lush^2 USB Audio Cable

Lush^2 USB Audio Cable

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The renowned Lush USB cable, now with John Swenson Shielding Guidelines harness (aka JSSG 360 first applied by by lmitsche/Larry & austinpop/Rajiv) to the power of ... infinity.

The JSSG 360 application - tweaked by many (literally) around the original Lush - has now been made formal. This with the notice that the base properties of the Lush^2 are still 100% equal to that of the original Lush, and that we managed to let the Lush^2 be exactly as thick as the original, with bending properties that can be regarded the same. The Lush^2 is weighing a bit more though (no surprise there). 

The shielding is not comprised of mu-metal as it would not contribute to better Sound Quality plus it would make the cable unmanageable and also way more pricey.

In the last picture you see 10 connection possibilities out of 225 which can be made. This can be done by means of formal connectors provided and the change of configuration goes in seconds.
The package will contain excessive outlay on how the connections can be made (read : what to connect to where for e.g. the 10 configurations you see in the sample diagrams).

Pricing is set to less than the original Lush, might we incorporate the additional work to produce one (way more than the 50 euros higher price). Also, we dare to make it even more crazy by refunding 50 euros per ordered Lush^2 paid via PayPal (thus not via normal bank transfer) to anyone already in possession of the original Lush (you will get this back in your PayPal account). This is our means to say thanks to the community and all who obtained the Lush in the past year with so much enthusiasm. For this discount we rather do not want to see you return the Lush^2 but with telling you the secret that exactly one original Lush has ever been returned. For new customers the return policy is in order (say 30 days for breaking it in well) if you can bear the shipping costs yourself.


No no ... Later ! OK, look here for a more massive explanation : The greatest invention in/for Audio (Lush^2)

Warning on the 40cm length :

Please take into account that the Lush^2 is flexible in one direction only - not in 4 directions (so to speak). And as we can not tell how this turns out (which connector, A and B, bends easily to which direction, you should consider that 40cm can be too short for your practical usage. Thus, envision that the Lush^2 can bend to two opposite directions only, you'd need to twist the middle part of the cable for which you have a trajectory of say 30cm (1 ft), in order to direct the connectors at the end to where they need to go.

Lead time

We are maintaining the actual lead time to shipment for new cables : 2-3 business days.

A USB B to USB B Micro adapter can be separately ordered.