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Blaxius^2-Digital Interlink 75 Ohm (order 2 for a pair)

Blaxius^2-Digital Interlink 75 Ohm (order 2 for a pair)

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(please see Blaxius^2 "Analogue" for more photos)

The famous Blaxius Interlink, in ^2 configurable format, especially for Digital applications. For general information and further reference, please take a look at the Lush^2 page.

Despite what the pictures may imply, the price is per single cable.

General description

The Blaxius^2, although derived from the Lush^2, is electrically very different from the Lush^2 application. While for the Lush^2 it is about the arrangement / configuration of the 3 shields (screens) only, for the Blaxius^2 it is about the combination of shields (screens) and ground. For the Digital application (like S/PDIF) this means that the original Blaxius should be hampered with in the least possible way, while still the ^2 shielding configurations keep on being at your service. This is how digital signal integrity depicts that the inner shield (the "White wire" in the other ^2 setups) has a fixed connection with the connector's ground.


*Because* the Lush^2 does what it does, and *because* we already know how the Blaxius is being used in digital applications (like transport to DAC) with a so much better result as a random S/PDIF cable etc., we are the most confident that when the Blaxius^2 is assembled in such an application, that now can be tweaked and tuned as good as the Lush^2 allows for this.

Because the Blaxius^2 is an end-to-end 75 Ohm impedance cable, it can obviously serve the digital audio applications which are commonly 75 Ohm.
If only RCA connections can be used, then no matter what, this is unspecified for impedance, but still the interconnect is allowed to be 75 Ohm and it really won't make it worse. For these situations genuine 75 Ohm RCA to BNC adapters are supplied (one pair per cable) which makes your Blaxius^2-Digital even more versatile than it already is.


You can virtually choose any length you like (see the provided list) but it gets progressively more expensive. This is because of the way the sleeves (also the internal insulation layers) have to be assembled, which goes caterpillar like and requires progressively more and more "caterpillar moves" the longer the cable gets.

Would you like 20 meters or even more ? no worries because the Blaxius^2-Digital will perform the same as if it were 1 meter. But better have some deeper pockets ...


A nice property of Blaxius^2 compared to Blaxius^1 is that Blaxius^2 is much more forgiving on a too long length. When Blaxius^1 would be 1 meter too long, it would need to go somewhere which probably is right up in the air somewhere, while Blaxius^2 can be laid on the floor like a snake (say left/right/left/right). Just like that. No explicit bending required.
This thus makes it more easy to determine the necessary length for your situation.

Some further physical properties :
Thickness : 19mm
Air dielectric approximately : 8mm (at each side of the main conductor)
Number of screens : 3 (fully configurable for connections at each end but with one screen fixed)
Insulation layers : between each screen
Weight per 1m : 375gr
Capacitance : 51pF/m
Velocity of propagation (% of speed of light) : 85
Loss over 100m at 10MHz : 1.5dB
Minimum bending diameter from outside to outside : 20cm (10cm radius)
Required extra length per 90 degree required bend : 10cm
Impedance : 75 Ohm end to end, also when the provided BNC to RCA adapters are used.
Configuration possibilities :25.

We are maintaining the actual lead time to shipment for new cables : 2 business days.