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RAM-OS Disk (240GB SSD)
RAM-OS Disk (240GB SSD)

RAM-OS Disk (240GB SSD)

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The ultimate Windows multi-boot walhalla, all set up with for audio "minimized" operating systems and meant for headless operation. Includes XXHighEnd for which a license is required separately (72 euros, send an email to sales phasure com please).

Each OS can boot from RAM (all via remote control) and after that the SSD can be removed from the PC, with the idea that the PC contains nothing else. This improves Sound Quality largely (electrical noise is minimized).

Each OS sounds wildly different.

The OSes are upgradeable by means of free downloads, provided by Phasure; install of a new OS, including obtaining it in the Boot Menu, takes less than 5 minutes.

An available "Pro" license is assumed for either Windows 8 or Windows 10.

The SSD is meant for systems with 32GB or more and boots from RAM in just over 2 minutes.