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Phasure Audio Footer (per piece !)
Phasure Audio Footer (per piece !)
Phasure Audio Footer (per piece !)

Phasure Audio Footer (per piece !)

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Price is for one piece.

This Audio Footer is the result of a fairly long research on how certain crystalline structured material may absorb mere micro vibrations. We found that ever back a specific moulded product existed for this, but the product ceased to exist. This is what we could come up with as a super cheap solution.

On a side note we like to bring across that the cost price of the material is a relative zero, but that the time to produce one, is relatively long (this is easily 10 minutes);
The density hence power of absorption has been carefully determined, but to form an equal size hence (!) density and thus same "audio" behavior for each of them, is not an easy thing to accomplish.

The footers anticipate gear of ~8kg to 14kg / ~17.5lbs to 31lbs), spread over three footers.
Please notice that while three of them might commonly be accepted as "best", their behavior is to be regarded not to interact with the other (they are by no means solid or stiff) and four or five can be used just the same, when necessary (spread the weight over more of them).

The difference in sound is immediately apparent and the general consensus is that music and voices become (way) more natural;
It took (really) many years to find a replacement for a strange kind of (pink anti-static layered) material we used for our own NOS1 D/A converter but which material could not readily be bought that we could find, while these footers are ultimately better even.

We never provided them to anyone because their form and shape may look like the contents is something very different. But then the other day someone asked for  footers as such, and we just put them in the box without really explaining. After teasing the customer for 3 days that really something of footers could be found in the box and after finally explaining and the customer responding that he thought it were anti moist bags, we thought to give it a go after all. Especially when the next response of the customer was literally this :

these feeeeeet - wow - what a difference - like a new amp - much more details, dynamics,y flow, naturalness in voices and instruments - hard to believe but true!
If you happen to have three more sets lying around I will happily purchase them...yes 3!
They are probably lying in your safe...