No vacations due.

Design Philosophy

Sure. Now what.

No wait, this is special. This is audio, man ! aha.


OK, let's try to be serious now.

Everything, really everything we do is massively exaggerated. Need 100mA ? then we make it 1000. Bandwidth is 100KHz ? then better make it 10MHz. Capacitors live 5 years at 100 degrees celcius ? then we cause the environmental temperature to be 30 degrees. Now they live 500 years. Ha !

But dear people, this is how our hobby "audio" really excels. Not in unproven snake oil applications but in over-sizing where over-sizing is allowed. And mind you, increasing bandwidth as an example is really not always working out. Your audio system is a concept. It is a sheer strategy.

We at Phasure help you to create that strategy. Or to follow one where otherwise nothing but subjectivity would be there.